I have reached “Inbox Zero” on iOS notification badges for the first time in…ever since notification badges were added to iOS? Still lots of emails technically in my inbox, though.

To all those reading WWDC survival guides—it’s okay to feel a little nervous. There are lots of “right ways” to experience the conference(s), and I hope you have a great week. Alcohol is totally optional and anyone who makes you feel otherwise is a jerk.

Generated about 4 cubic yards of debris trimming the hedge with my dad today. Will have to keep the yard waste bin full for a few weeks.

Commit messages are revisionist history.

But seriously, you only see their final success, not the wrong turns and simple print statement debugging along the way.

Chasing a bug that only repros on a version of macOS that can’t run the version of Xcode that I need to build the app on.

TIL…well I set out to learn about zombies and memory debugging tools in Xcode. Instead I learned that sometimes memory graph is mysteriously unavailable, and I can still get by with some custom breakpoints.

I’d like to say “TIL about NS_TYPED_EXTENSIBLE_ENUM” but really today I just discovered that it existed and don’t actually get it yet.

This social media privacy stuff isn’t new, just more interconnected. Shortly after I got engaged over a decade ago, the sidebar of gmail quickly filled with wedding planning ads. It was easy to see the correlation with my email messages.

I’m okay with markdown, but haven’t mastered using micro.blog’s iOS app to post a photo with an accessible caption. Anybody got example syntax please?

I’m seeing a strange thing on some websites…I have to tap below a link for the tap to land on the link. Could be only on iPhone X. I wonder if these websites are getting safe area inset wrong.

I annoyed a bus driver today. I feel bad about it. I really wish ALL Seattle buses had location tracking on them. My usual bus does, but I got up early.

Alternatively, if you’re pondering a conference’s lineup, what types of talks are you drawn to? People skills, intro to tech you haven’t tried, advanced details of the tech that pays your bills?