I gave this baby hat away tonight. The mother-to-be thanked me, and I spent several happy hours planning and knitting the hat. I feel like I received more than I gave. (Photo: hand-knit hat, orange and blue arrows on gray stripes.)

I asked a friend if she’d seen any good TV shows. Pretty soon, we were talking about “The Good Doctor”, “The Good Witch”, and “ The Good Place”. I didn’t expect to be taken so literally! 📺

Trying to get up the momentum to go grocery shopping now because I do not want to shop any closer to Thanksgiving if I can help it.

I just learned about CA proposition 7. California leads the way on many things. I can only hope they will discontinue DST, and then Washington will follow suit. I don’t care if we get stuck in or out of DST. It’s the switching that irritates me.

Stephen Covey, David Allen, Taiichi Ohno, Jerry Seinfeld, Dwight Eisenhower. All the famous productivity systems I can think of are invented (or maybe just popularized?) by men. Hmmm…

I really love the art style of Light Fingers, but the dungeons are kind of too hard, and the board game interaction is a little clumsy.

I had a lovely time at Swift by Northwest, as expected. Thank you friends, old and new, for good conversations.

Now I’m on the train, and grateful for this transportation system that lets me arrive a mere 15 minutes ahead, and board without security theater.

This morning at the bus stop, a small child “read” a book to me about vehicles. It was an amusing way to start my day, but I’m glad he didn’t get on the same bus as me.

When I was a kid, my parents told me when to go to bed, get more exercise, turn off the TV. Now my iPhone parents me.

The new Apple Watch is beautiful and has a perfect green band because I just got a band for my current watch for my birthday.

These two phrases are starting to mean the same thing to me:

“Content warning:”

“So I was checking the news and…”

I know the links in my previous post are broken. Leaving them up for a moment while I puzzle out what’s gone wrong…

If you want a small phone, Apple still makes one. It’s a telephone, an internet communicator, and an iPod. It’s just SO small that it comes with a wrist strap. They also make a mini iPad. But it’s product name, confusingly, is iPhone.

I’m speaking at seattlexcoders.com and feeling out of habit. I have an HDMI/USB adapter and hopefully my remote. I have the laptop with the presentation on it, and a charging cord. What am I forgetting?

Yoshi’s Wooly World

I finished Yoshi’s Wooly World on Nintendo’s Wii U. Platformers are not my favorite genre, but I muddled through because Yoshi is my favorite Nintendo character, and the world was so beautifully crafted. I mean that in both senses: people took lots of care, to make it look like the creatures and the world were handcrafted from yarn and fabric. Beware of flying buttons! Turn yarn into knitted stairs to get to the next door (which opens with a zipper). Crafters who don’t want to play the game might still enjoy watching a few minutes of a walkthrough on YouTube.

What You Accept

I’m conflicted about “you guys.” Not about whether I should say it, but about how I should respond when others use “you guys” to refer to a group that is not all guys. Is it serious enough (and effective enough for me to nudge and nag the speaker to rethink their word choice? Or is this the wrong battle to fight? Should I follow the robustness principle?

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others. — Jon Postel

Note that this was coined in 1980, when RFC’s were only 3 digits, before “liberal” and “conservative” were such divisive political words. Which brings me back around. Words carry baggage. And that baggage can change over time. Sometimes passively as technology changes the culture. But sometimes through repeatedly, deliberately, changing our own habits, nudging and nagging others to do the same.