If you legally inherited some elephant ivory trinkets (crafted back when hunting was legal), what would you do with them? Display? Donate? Destroy?

My iPhone speaker audio has been super-quiet today, while trying to play YouTube and Twitter videos. (Still plenty loud on Bluetooth earbuds.) Any ideas how to fix it?

Finally getting to try the SwiftUI tutorials. It may be a year before I can put this in production code, but it is SO FUN to play with!

Enjoying the sounds of the creek and the wind in the trees overhead. But I really wish the neighborborhood dogs would stop barking so much.

It’s been a tough, busy couple of weeks, and I think the next two weeks will be as well. Finding it hard to relax and recharge in between.

Anyone using blot.im and having it shared over here to micro.blog? I’d like to set that up and am not even sure the right search terms for my questions.

I almost called someone out for an unnecessarily gendered metaphor. Then I did some research and learned that “balls out” refers to a steam engine running at maximum speed. #TIL

If you’re out of cream cheese, string cheese is okay on an everything bagel. American cheese? Not so much.

I really wish I could “Find my Kindle” as easy as I can find my iPhone. Might be time to glue a Tile to it…as soon as I find it again…

Now that it’s not my day job any more, a little black box testing to help pin down a crash is fun again! Can I crash it reproducibly? In fewer steps? And when the dev can follow my steps to repro it too…jackpot!

The easiest, hardest thing in Objective-C

The easiest difference between Swift and Objective-C is ;. In Objective-C, every line of code must end with a semi-colon. The main exceptions are } and the line of code before {. I say this is simple because it fits in 2 sentences, but it’s also surprisingly hard to learn (or unlearn!) the habit of ending each line with a special character. To compound the problem, the compiler errors can be quite cryptic when ; is inevitably forgotten.

Today I lost my iPhone and it turned up in the mall security office across the street from my work. Whoever turned it in, thank you!! I will aim to pay it forward.

iOS automation friends: I want a 110 outlet to be turned on briefly 3x per day, plus be able to turn it on/off from 2 iPhones (separate Apple IDs). What gadget do you recommend these days? (cat feeder)

I gave this baby hat away tonight. The mother-to-be thanked me, and I spent several happy hours planning and knitting the hat. I feel like I received more than I gave. (Photo: hand-knit hat, orange and blue arrows on gray stripes.)

I asked a friend if she’d seen any good TV shows. Pretty soon, we were talking about “The Good Doctor”, “The Good Witch”, and “ The Good Place”. I didn’t expect to be taken so literally! 📺