Code unto others… That’s part of a longer thread and I haven’t read it all, but I want to veer off on a side point. As engineers, we have the power of doing…and the responsibility.

Some people on our teams don’t have the power of doing. The product manager who has to handle some messy data files and isn’t quite sure how to wield a regular expression to clean them up. The client engineer who has to write a hundred lines of code to work around a typo in the server code. The test engineer whose requests for debugging hooks or custom environments are dismissed out of hand, until they’re echoed by a “real” developer.

We take time for our immediate peers regularly—code reviews, whiteboard strategizing, even pairing up. We have such an opportunity to look beyond, to the rest of our team, and see where we can help. The shoemaker’s own family should not be left barefoot.